Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Frostborn and Nightborn News and Reviews

The paperback edition of Frostborncame out this week, and right on cue, the internet has lit up with a flurry of reviews for both it and the forthcoming sequel Nightborn.I've also been a guest blogger on a few websites. Here are some of the week's highlights.

Lawrence M. Schoen was kind enough to let me talk about some of my most memorable meals on his series Eating Authors.

I talk about my commitment to realistic monster ecologies on Mind Ventures in a piece called "Trolls, Dragon, and Draug...Oh My!"

The website Downright Dystopian says of Nightborn, "Nightborn was even better than Frostborn, which I didn't think would be possible! ....I really hope that there's another book in this series, because I'm not ready to say goodbye to all of these wonderful characters!"

Chapter by Chapter likes Nightborn too. They say, "I thoroughly enjoyed both the books in these series, and am positive that young middle grade readers everywhere will get caught up in this action filled adventure. With characters that are easily likeable (or easy to hate), and a storyline that will grip you from the very beginning, there is a little bit of something for everyone!" They also call the writing "witty and addictive."

"I absolutely adored Nightborn," says WinterHaven Books. "I really loved the rich world that Anders has created.  Just when I think he can't possibly throw anything else in he does and it fits like a glove!  He has created a huge world that has so many possibilities and I can't wait to see what he comes up with next!"

"All in all, Nightborn is an excellent addition to the series," says Short & Sweet Reviews. "I enjoyed it way more than I expected and in my opinion it was just as good, if not better than the first book...I highly recommend Nightborn to everyone and can't wait to read the next book!"

I love Seeing Double in Neverland's review: "I went into reading this book thinking it would be a great read for my kids and I would pass it on. Little did I realize that I would fall in love with it myself. This book had everything a fantasy lover could want in a book."

Word Bookstore, who named Frostborn a Staff Pick last year, gave it a second endorsement, saying, “Karn is a smart and cunning human boy. Thianna is a confident and fearless half-giant girl. Together they share an adventure of a lifetime! It is a refreshing world based on Norse Mythology, ideal for anyone who has enjoyed the Percy Jackson series of books and are looking for another fantastic read.”

Meanwhile, Fantastic Book Review is holding a Contest to win an arc of Nightborn.

And of course there is the Frostborn Paperback Trailer which debuted this week as well:


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