Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Pyr Booth at the San Diego Comic Con

Everyone attending the San Diego Comic Con next week, feel free to stop by the Pyr booth and say hello. We're number 2046, next to MonkeyBrain Books in 2048. MonkeyBrain's Chris Roberson will be signing copies of Here, There & Everywhere on Saturday at noon (though in truth he will never be far away), and Fiona Avery will be signing copies of The Crown Rose at 3pm on Saturday.


Sean Bosker said...

This is only tangentially related to your post, but what the heck. I'm in Kalamazoo, Michigan, my home town visiting family. I went to a bookstore run by an old friend, and she told me that they have a science fiction book discussion group that meets once a month.

I asked what they were going to meet about this month, and it was "Here, There & Everywhere." So, I bought a copy after I recongnized your imprint which I'd only known about since I read your China Mieville interview in Believer and googled your name a couple of months ago.

So, I know this blog isn't necessarily a guerilla marketing effort, but I thought you might like to know that you've sold a book on the merit of your other work as an editor. I'm almost through it, and I'm enjoying it a great deal.

It's cool how things work sometimes. I hope the convention is going well.

Lou Anders said...

It is indeed cool. Thank you so much for your post. I worked for Titan Magazines for 5 years as their liaison in Los Angeles, and wrote over 500 articles, and felt like I was just casting them all to the aether. I've gotten more (positive) feedback from the Believer piece, and from my recent Publishers Weekly article, than anything I ever did in my professional journalist days. It's very nice to see that someone is noticing.

Also, please let me know what you think about Here, There & Everywhere when you get to the end. I'd also be curious to know what your friend's bookstore discussion group thinks!

Meanwhile, no pub date is assigned yet, but I've recently interviewed Robyn Hitchcock for the Believer, a more SFnal interview than one would expect from a rock musician.

Lou Anders said...

Incidentally, what was the name of the store in Michigan?