Monday, May 01, 2006

Bilsang: We have a Winner!

As you may recall, last February Mike Resnick and I announced a contest "of sorts" to create the rules to the game Bilsang, apparently a popular pastime in Mike's galaxy of the 4870s A.D.

Bilsang - which is described as being a simple game that anyone can learn in a few minutes and which requires only a flat surface and twenty identical pieces, and is harder than it looks - is introduced in Mike's upcoming novel Starship: Pirate.

Now, I'm happy to announce that Resnick-fan and Dragon Magazine contributor Alex Wilson has won the contest, as judged last week by Mike and myself. Alex's Bilsang rules will appear in the appedices of Starship: Pirate when the book appears this coming December.

Thanks to everyone who sent in entrees, and a big congratulations Alex.


Alex Wilson said...

Thanks, Lou!

Lou Anders said...

Thanks to you Alex.
I'll be excited to see this in the book when it's out in December.