Sunday, September 10, 2006

Say, What's He Got Going On Over There?

Yes, this is a blatant attempt to drive some of the greater traffic I regularly draw on my personal blog over to the Pyr site, something that would make my Dark Masters happy, but it's also my first attempt at posting something on the professional site that goes a little more indepth and personal than just the reiterating reviews and author appearances (not that those aren't nice or important). So if you come here but you've never been there, please do indeed check out this latest post on the Pyr site. Comments appreciated since I really am interested in the question of simultaneous publication of a multi-book narrative.

Meanwhile, I do hope that while this is the most indepth post of this nature that I've yet uploaded over there, earlier efforts to keep the professional site interesting with lots of new artwork and even some random wackiness haven't gone unappreciated. I have found myself posting more on the Pyr blog than this one in recent weeks, and I hope to keep it updated and interesting. Thanks in advance.

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