Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sono in italiano!

My story, "Crowd Control," has just been published in Robot, issue number 49, as "Soluzioni contro l'affolamento." At least I think that's issue 49, and not a price. Either way, I am thrilled to add Italian to a language list that also includes French, German, Greek and Danish and excited to see more foreign love for a story that pretty much sank without a trace in its native land. One day, I will play the Budokan. Just you watch.

Incidentally, when you run the Italian title through Babel Fish you get "Solutions against the affollamento." For some reason "affolamento" won't translate, either as part of the title or on its own. But whatever it is (I suspect it means "crowd"), we had best come up with some solutions against it. (Update: Silvio from Robot has corrected my spelling in the comments below. I have amended "affolamento" in the title but not in my subsequent use so that it is clear why Babel Fish remains a divine instrument.)

Grazie, robot. Sono felice di essere in vostra pubblicazione meravigliosa.


Silvio Sosio said...

Hi Lou! Here's Silvio from Robot :-) Thanks for your post about us.

Babel Fish would not translate correctly because you make a little mistake: it's "affollamento" with two "L". So Babel Fish would translate "Solutions against the crowding".

Lou Anders said...

Hi Silvio. Noted. Thank you again - I really enjoyed getting the magazine!