Sunday, March 11, 2007

Battlestar Galactica: Episode 17 "Maelstrom"


Well, I guess slamming your daughter's hand in a door is alright as long as you are preparing her to be tough so she can do something special like pointless suicide and the casual destruction of a rare, expensive, and vital ship necessary for the defense of the fleet.

And I see that tonight it looks like Lee, who's never had an ounce of legal training, is going to step in as Baltar's defense counsel. Why is the show that promised us an end to television cliches borrowing one that was old when Riker went after Data's humanity? "Let's pretend we're lawyers" should be left on Gilligan's Island where it belongs.

Oh god, make it end.

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Christian Berntsen said...

Yeah, I just finished watching BSG tonight, and have the same feeling about it that I've been having since it returned. They are slowly getting better, but they would be more interesting as stand alones spread out throughout the season and do little to nothing to advance the overall story. Plus they are all just so depressing, even moments that are supposed to be hopeful are just... drab (the Chief calling for the stike come to mind).

I was left going 'huh?' when Kara kicked it last week, but from the tentative searching I did after the episode (I hate spoilers and generally avoid them), I think she's coming back next season (I also think she may be a Cylon, one of the mysterious Five, but am probably wrong on that point).

As for the destruction of the Viper, well, Starbuck never really cared about anyone else, did she?