Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Roberson and Sturges: Underrated and Awesome

Quotes like these have to be shared.

Two for Chris Roberson's End of the Century:

“Roberson’s imagination is in full force, and the results are magical, although a tad too epic. He deserves praise for being able to keep each section true to its genre without having the novel feel schizophrenic. Roberson is an underrated name in the field of fantasy and science fiction; this effort was no easy undertaking, but it’s ingenious and spirited, and he pulls through with his head held high.” -Bookgasm, March 27, 2009

“…suffice to say that if this is your first experience of Roberson, I guarantee it won’t be the last. Challenging the stability of the often-thin line between fantasy and sci-fi, End of the Century is a unique experience that latches on from the first page and doesn’t let go.” -Total Sci-Fi, March 30, 2009 (formerly Dreamwatch magazine)

And two for Matthew Sturges's Midwinter:

"If one were to envision a fairy tale as a high octane action movie you might get something close to Sturges debut novel, Midwinter… a fantastic read. The narrative is quick and packed with action…Midwinter keeps things diverse and always fresh. Sturges’ background in comics is (at least for me) reflected in the strong visual presentation of his writing, in particular the scenes involving Mab’s flying cities created some strong mental imagery that was absolutely dripping in awesome.” -King of the Nerds blog, March 30, 2009

"Having read and enjoyed some of Mr. Sturges’s comic book work with Bill Willingham, I was looking forward to see how well he could tell a story in prose form. If Midwinter is any indication of what his novel-writing future has in store, I’ll be a happy reader.... Sturges does a lot of things very well in his first novel– the sense o’ wonder of a fantastic multiverse, likeable characters and an engaging plot. Fans of caper-ish plots and solid action would do well to give Sturges’s impressive debut effort a try." - Rob H. Bedford, SFFWorld, March 30, 2009

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