Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Heart of Hush

My review of Paul Dini and Dustin Nguyen's Batman: Heart of Hushis up at

"...similar to the Grant Morrison-penned R.I.P. in that a villain from Batman’s past, with full knowledge of his secret identity, works in conjunction with other members of his Rogues Gallery to drive him over the edge in a prelude to destroying him. It is unlike Batman: R.I.P. in that it actually tells a single, coherent story with a beginning, middle and end that can be read as a stand-alone graphic novel independent of too much current continuity."

In other Bat-news, I'm thrilled this clip from the extras to Batman Begins is up on Yahoo. This concerns the Keysi Fighting Method, the amazing martial art that was the basis for Batman's style of combat. I am utterly enthralled by some of what they do here, so much cooler and realer than all that wire-stunt Matrix stuff:


Shadowhelm said...

It is a shame they marketed Heart of Hush as part of the RIP storyline. It didn't need the RIP branding and Morisson's poor handling of his end of the story detracted from Dini's story which was certainly the better of the two.

Lou Anders said...

Exactly, people picking up Heart of Hush in a general bookstore and reading it as a stand-alone are going to wonder who this "Jezebel Jet" is, mentioned but not seen. It detracts from Heart being lasting/timeless. Through no fault of Dini's.