Friday, April 23, 2010

No Higher Compliment

"The greatest compliment I can pay End of the Century is that it reminded me of a Steven Moffat episode of Doctor Who," says Rob Will Review. He goes on to say that the book is "one of the best time travel novels I’ve read.  The novel also deserves high marks for including numerous gay characters who are as sensitively drawn as they are three-dimensional and non-stereotypical.  End of the Century succeeds on every level–as an intricate puzzle, as a reunion with characters readers of Roberson’s previous books will have grown very fond of, as a fascinating character study of new heroines and heroes from various eras, all of whom are unknowingly bound by a single quest, and, most of all, as an excellent story wonderfully told.  As the Tenth Doctor might say, 'This is brilliant!'”

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