Monday, June 21, 2010

Time for a Cassandra Kresnov Movie

See this trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution:

Then compare it to this:

Joel Shepherd's Cassandra Kresnov trilogy of Crossover, Breakaway, and Killswitch would make one hell of a movie, and should look just about like Deus Ex with the lead replaced by a Katee Sackoff-type.

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JP said...

If you've never played the original Deus Ex, it's really worth a run through, if you can find the time. The story itself is really good. The second one YMMV.

As for this one, I wasn't too interested in it until I saw that Square Enix is involved and now I'm really looking forward to this. Add in the near future stuff I like a lot with some cyborg type action and I'm in. I can certainly see how you could be reminded of the Kresnov books.

Which you're right, those would make some great movies. It would have to be big screen, not TV though. The big networks would never touch it and SyFy would budget about $5 for it and totally screw it up...