Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fan Made John Carter Trailer

This fan - cut trailer for John Carter is better than anything the studios have put out. So much so that's it's pumped my excitement for the movie up a notch.


Scott Parker said...

Were you not excited about it before hand? Yes, this trailer is better at explaining the story than anything to date. My BF book club is reading (or, in my case, re-reading) the first two books of the Barsoom series. Here's my big fear with "John Carter": that the story and character that spawned a century of SF will now, a century later, be seen as derivative of all the things Carter actually started. Still, I'm enjoying the heck out of the books (on book 3 now) and will likely follow up with the new anthology, Under the Moons of Mars. Oh, I also pulled my old Marvel Comics from the 70s and will go through them, too.

Jonathan Maberry said...

This is a superb trailer. It TELLS A STORY instead of merely flashing images. Disney should hire this 'fan' and make him a pro.