Thursday, March 05, 2015

Frostborn: North Shelby Library Recommended Reading

My novel, Frostborn, has received another recommendation. This one from the North Shelby Library. They write:

"Frostborn is Lou Anders' debut novel, a fantasy for middle graders and young adults. Advantageously placed in a trend of interest in Norse mythology and ice -- Thor, the Loki craze, and Frozen, to name a few -- Frostborn is similar enough to those things to make a good recommendation, but it's not a knockoff. As with all the best books for kids, it’s full of substance. It’s well-written and well-plotted. It’s clear what’s happening and accessible for those who are just getting into longer books, but complex enough for teens to enjoy. It’s light and fun, but contains serious themes about acceptance, family, and loyalty (both when you should have it and when you shouldn’t). Written with both of Anders' children in mind, the book is explicitly for both boys and girls -- Karn and Thianna always get equal billing, and they’re always equally important!"
So, to date...Frostbornhas been named a Staff Pick by Book Shop Santa Cruz, Books Inc., Eagle Harbor Book Co., Hoover Public Library, King's English Bookshop, Mockingbird Books, Politics and Prose, Powell's, Queen's Library, North Shelby Library, The Waucoma Bookstore and Word Bookstores. It received a starred review in Publishers Weekly, who also selected it for the "PW Picks: Books of the Week" selection for the week of August 4th. It was the Editor's Choice of Amazon for the month of August, and made io9's list of "Must-Read Science Fiction And Fantasy Books For August."

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