Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Thrones and Bones Fate Accelerated Character Creation and Live Play

I've mentioned before that the incredible podcast, the RPG Gamer Dad Podcast, was working on a series of episodes featuring a game of Evil Hat's wonderful Fate Accelerated role playing game system rules set in the world of my Thrones & Bones novels.

Well, it debuted this week! Episode 35 features the character generation, in which RPG Gamer Dad and RPG Gamer Boy stat out Karn and Thianna from my novel Frostbornand a three-headed troll. Then we get to listen to the first part of the actual play, in which RPG Gamer Boy plays Karn and RPG Gamer Uncle plays Thianna. 

I cannot tell you how honored I am by all this, nor how smart and cute RPG Gamer Boy is! 

But if that weren't enough, the episode also features a great interview with Chris Hanrahan of Evil Hat Productions!!!

Please check it out

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