Thursday, July 02, 2015

Lindsay Cummings Interview and Kirkus Essentail Reads

Earlier this week, I posted my interview with author Lindsay Cummings. Now, she has posted her Interview with Lou Anders. We talk about world-building, board games, Norse culture, my Top Five Books of All Time, and the perfect cup of coffee. 

Meanwhile, Kirkus has posted their Essential Speculative Fiction Reads in July, and I'm happy to say that Nightborn tops the list. They say:
WHAT IT'S ABOUT: Everyone is chasing after a powerful artifact known as the Horn of Osius, an ancient relic capable of controlling dragons. Who is everyone? The Dark Elves; Desstra, a conflicted Dark Elf training to join their elite ranks; and Karn Korlundsson, an avid gamer and adventurer who learns that his best friend, Thianna Frostborn, disappeared when trying to find that very same relic. 
WHY YOU MIGHT LIKE IT: Nightborn offers a carefully constructed and believable world populated with handfuls of imaginative and well-realized fantasy creatures. Plus, like Frostborn, the previous book in the Thrones and Bones series, Nightborn comes with a nifty extra: instructions for playing the board game Charioteers, highlighted in the novel.

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