Wednesday, August 03, 2016

A History of the Continent of Katernia

This is not a book trailer. This is something different.

All three novels in my Thrones & Bones series contain substantial appendices. In these, you will find rules for board games from my world, timelines, song lyrics, even a recipe.

In Nightborn, there is a detailed history titled "A History of the Continent of Katernia." When Listening Library was recording the audiobook of Nightborn, they very kindly and thoughtfully had our amazing narrator, Fabio Tassone, record this as well, just so we could do something fun with it later.

So here is that "something fun." Please understand that while we have copious illustrations of the characters and creatures in the Thrones & Bones series, artwork that can be repurposed in service of events that occurred hundreds or thousands of years before the time of my novels is in short supply. Still, Fabio Tassone's audio narration is masterful, and there are several very cool images accompanying it. Also note that some of the information herein could be considered "slightly spoiler-y" for the novel Nightborn. With those caveats, here we go:

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