Wednesday, February 01, 2006

More Pyr in the News

A very nice review in the January 30th issue of Publishers Weekly for Ian McDonald's River of Gods (forthcoming this March):
“This ambitious portrait of a future India from British author McDonald (Desolation Road) offers multitudes: gods, castes, protagonists, cultures…readers will become increasingly hooked as the pieces of McDonald's richly detailed world fall into place. Already nominated for both Hugo and Arthur C. Clarke awards, this is sure to one of the more talked-about SF novels of the year.”

And Cheryl Morgan has this to say about Keith Brooke's Genetopia (due out February) over at Emerald City:
"a very fine book... Genetopia is not a comfortable read. It is full of vicious and unpleasant people who have become that way because they have found that it works... Brooke cleverly uses imagery from the real world’s slave trade, from the persecution of Jews, from misogyny and so on to reveal the true message of the book... I suspect that Genetopia is rather too disturbing to garner any major awards, but I warmly recommend it to next year’s Tiptree Committee. It is, after all, a plea in favor of diversity."

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