Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Anders Game

Well, I finally got the hardcopy of the April 2nd issue of Publishers Weekly with my interview in it. And yes, while my name is correct in the article itself, the caption below my photo suggests I might be a character in a future Orson Scott Card novel. That being said, I was thrilled that the table of contents page used a huge picture of the figures of Lila Black and Zal from the cover of Keeping It Real and a nice shot of the cover itself with the article in question. What's more, I see my company took out an ad for the same issue, so we got the cover in three times. I think it's one of our nicest ads, so I'll upload it here. Feel free to post this to your blogs, email it to friends, print it out and thumbtack it up at your schools and places of business, stick it in your neighbors' mailboxes and insert it into the pages of magazines at newstands. No, really, I'm just sharing it because I think it's pretty - I don't really expect you to do that. Really.

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