Thursday, May 17, 2007

Adventures in SciFi LouCasting

I'm back again on the fabulous Adventures in SciFi Publishing podcast. Shaun Farrell is introducing a new feature called From the Editor's Desk, so after the Vicki Petterssen interview, Shaun runs my opinion of free online content and related. Shaun asked me several questions, which he plans to space across several Editor's Desk segments, so expect more of these in the coming weeks!


Tim Akers said...

Excellent. I really enjoy that show Shaun's. Randomly sitting next to him in Austin was one of those lucky little things that happen at cons.

Lou Anders said...

I actually haven't heard this one yet, but I've followed Shaun's show every week since meeting him at WFC, and went back and listened to his earlier ones too. I'm very impressed with his show, long may it pod.