Friday, May 11, 2007

The Music of Pyr

Jeff Vandermeer takes an unusual tack for a literary blog in his first Amazon Bookstore Book Blog about Pyr's books: music!

Jeff talks about the suggested soundtrack Ian McDonald supplies for his latest novel, Brasyl, as well as the elf rock song that Icelandic-based band Cynic Guru supplied as the official music track for Justina Robson's Keeping It Real.

To round it off, Jeff asked me who would score a soundtrack for the entire Pyr line if such a thing were possible. My answer got truncated, so with Jeff's kind permission and tongue firmly in cheek, I'll run the whole thing here:

From the get go, I've wanted Pyr to have both a respect for speculative fiction's illustrious history and an eye on the future.

I've maintained that you can have mild blowing concepts and good characters in the same book, action/adventure with sensawunder, literary sensibilities with mass appeal - that commercially-viable action set pieces did not preclude asking the big questions or aiming for the stars. One can have their cake and eat it too.

I've mixed old masters like Moorcock, Resnick and Silverberg with new voices like Edelman, Robson and Williams.

And we've published everything from epic fantasy to space opera to literary soft-science SF to urban fantasy to new weird to wacky sci-fantasy with elves on motorbikes.

I've tried to publish a diverse line where the only thru line is quality.

Obviously, the Pyr soundtrack can only be scored by one musician.

A man who can be as deep and mysterious as 2001 and as relevant and dangerous as 1984, or as surface and pop as fashion and dance, sound and music.

He writes about sex and drugs and gender issues, and spacemen and aliens and technological innovation slash alienation.

He has been there first in glam, soul, new age, fusion and a dozen other muscial genres.

He never does the same thing twice and he never runs out of imagination and he never gets tired.

He puts out fire with gasoline.

He is the Man Who Fell to Earth, the Man Who Sold the World, the Laughing Gnome, the Goblin King.

Obviously, only David Bowie could possibly score Pyr.


Cheryl said...

Does this make you The Man Who Sold the World (or perhaps the Multiverse)?

Lou Anders said...

Ha. It might make me The Man Who Sold The Man Who Sold the Multiverse. Seriously though, when Jeff asked me, it made me realize how SFnal Bowie is. Even his name comes from 2001.