Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Adventures in LouCasting

The latest installment of Shaun Farrell and Sam Wynn's Adventures in SciFi Publishing podcast is up. This time out, Shaun and Sam talk to Tobias S. Buckell and Yours Truly. By coincidence, I have just started reading Crystal Rain this week, so thanks to Toby for spoiling the ending in his first utterance! (But bigger thanks for the love he gives to Sean Williams' The Hanging Mountains, really.)

Toby gives his thoughts on Space Opera, talks about augmented reality (or "reality mark-up"), and shares a lot of love all around too. I'm in at the end giving (hopefully cogent) advice to new writers. I didn't recommend Tobias in the list of writers everyone should read, the interview having been conducted some weeks ago, but I suspect when I get a few more chapters in I will. Now I'm off to read me some more Carribean SF.


Shara Saunsaucie said...

May have to give that podcast a whirl. Toby was my mentor during my first year at SHU. He says good stuff. ;) In fact, his latest book is waiting patiently on my shelf...

Looking forward to what you think of Toby's work! And I'm with him on spreading the Sean Williams love. I'm about 100 pages into The Hanging Mountains and loving it. :)

Lou Anders said...

Just like you, I'm 100 pages in to. Loving it so far. I hope I can read Raggamuffin sometime soon too.