Monday, June 04, 2007

Infoquake Nominated for John W. Campbell Award

I cannot begin to express how thrilled I am with this news: David Louis Edelman's debut novel Infoquake has been nominated for the John W. Campbell Award for Best Novel!

And remember, this follows Infoquake being chosen as the # 1 book in the Barnes & Noble Editor's Choice: Top Ten SF&F Novels of 2006. Pyr books (and its editor) have picked up nominations now for the Hugo, World Fantasy, Philip K. Dick and Independent Publisher awards as well. Plus, while a lot of our authors already have a history of nominations and wins for prior work, this is David's first major award nomination, so we are just tickled pink for him.

For those who haven't read Dave's masterpiece yet, check out the website, where he has uploaded around 30,000 words of content from the book. Along with a timeline, a glossary, and host of background articles on the world of Infoquake, you can read the first seven chapters online there, or listen to the first four chapters on audio.

The award will be presented during the Campbell Conference Awards Banquet at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas. Congratulations to David and to all the nominees.


Anthony said...

This year's Campbell Conference will actually be in Kansas City, combined with the Heinlein Centennial - do you think you'll make it out again?

(I also noticed that Paolo is nominated for the Sturgeon again.)

And I must catch up on much reading - graduation has blown over, and I've been frantically moving, finding jobs, and starting them - but it's high on my priority list, while I also can't wait to read for fun again.

Lou Anders said...

I would love to be there. I have promised my wife no more traveling for a while. I could maybe be coaxed...

Justin said...

That's some good news, there. Congrats to you and Dave.

Also, RE: DLE's website -- I loved reading the chapter drafts he posted.

Also, RE: Irony-of-the-day -- there's something divinely humorous about "Pyr books (and it's editor)".

Finally, RE: Book Expo America -- how'd it go? Wish we didn't have to lock picture, I'da been there for the TBI galley. Looking forward to that one.

Lou Anders said...

re: it's - hey, I have just come off a great deal of alcohol and not very much sleep!