Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More Adventures in LouCasting

I'm back with another segment of "From the Editor's Desk" over on Adventures in SciFi Publishing, along with an interview with Tate Hallaway (aka Lyda Morehouse) and the latest "Ask a Writer" installment with Tobias S. Buckell. This time I'm talking about whether or not SF is dying (sigh, not again), giving my own opinion that we're at the start of a new boom, unprecedented mainstream attention, the upswing of the pendulum, etc... By now, you know the drill. I also quote Paul McAuley, Eric Spitznagel, and Paolo Bacigalupi, at least two of whom are a lot smarter than me and one of whom is funnier. (I start about 37 minutes in.)

Meanwhile, I see that podcast host Shaun Farrell has opened this segment for questions from the audience too. As he writes: "Now is your chance to ask an editor a question! Given the success of Toby's Ask a Writer column, we've decided to open up From the Editor's Desk to listeners as well. If you have a question about publishing that you would like to ask to an editor, please email it in or call the voicemail." I don't know if I'm the editor in question or not, but it sounds like a good idea either way.

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