Thursday, July 05, 2007

News Round-Up

I try to keep my personal and professional blogs away from too much overlap, and have lately made a real effort to make the Pyr blog more than just review notices (not that those aren't very important and appreciated!), but I'm aware this blog still gets the most traffic. So a few things worth mentioned here from there:

Ian McDonald is interviewed in the Culture Northern Ireland podcast. And speaking of Ian, his latest, Brasyl, was just named in's List of Summer Reading Recommendations.

Justina Robson is interviewed on John Scalzi's Ficlets blog.

Readercon (in progress now) has urged their attendees to read Kay Kenyon's Bright of the Sky, along with four other books. I love their description as "the con that assigns homework."

And the first three chapters of Alexis Glynn Latner's just out debut novel, Hurricane Moon, are online here.

Meanwhile, not on the Pyr blog, artist John Picacio alerts me to an interesting development. The Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists (aka ASFA) has posted their 2007 Chesley Awards Suggestions List. Not at all surprised am I to see John on the list twice, for Best Cover Illustration - Paperback Book and Best Cover Illustration - Magazine. But surprised and elated to see myself on the suggestion list for Best Art Director. Who'd have thunk, huh? Also on the list, Irene Gallo of Tor Books and Matt Adelsperger of Wizards of the Coast. I am proud and humbled to be in this company, and if I actually did end up on the Chesley shortlist after this, it would be entirely due to the wonderful advice that John and Irene have given me since Pyr was born.

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