Thursday, September 06, 2007

Burning Down the House

Just got word that my parent company, Prometheus Books, had a fire and had to evacuate the office. It looks like a short circuit started an electrical meter on fire and made the power go out. No real damage, thankfully no one hurt, but some rewiring will be needed. In the meantime both the Prometheus and Pyr sites are down, as you may have noticed. So, no need to worry. They'll probably be off into early next week though.

Update: They have brought in a generator, and, as a result, both sites appear to be working. Don't be surprised if they go wink in and out though during the repairs. My work related email is also back.


John Joseph said...

Hmm. That's what they get for playing with pyr, I suppose.

Sorry, I couldn't resist. ;)

Glad to hear it's a minor inconvenience. Tales of office fires don't usually end that way.

Shara said...

Whew, glad to hear it ended well, in spite of the fire. It could've been much worse.

Lou Anders said...

Oh groan!

Word is they are bringing in a generator and may have the websites back up this evening.

Tim Akers said...

That's totally god striking ye down. You know it to be true!

Lou Anders said...

Then god send a generator.