Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sideways in Crime - Cover Mock-up

My forthcoming alternate history mystery anthology, Sideways in Crime, has a dedicated page at the Solaris Books site now. And it features what I think is a mock-up - not a final cover - but I'll post it here anyway, since they've posted it there. Curious to see what people think.

The TOC has been reordered a bit too, so the final running order will look like this:

Running the Snake by Kage Baker
Via Vortex by John Meaney
Fate and The Fire-lance by Stephen Baxter
The Blood of Peter Francisco by Paul Park
The Adventure of the Southsea Trunk by Jack McDevitt
G-Men by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Sacrifice by Mary Rosenblum
Murder in Geektopia by Paul Di Filippo
Chicago by Jon Courtenay Grimwood
The Sultan's Emissary by Theodore Judson
Worlds of Possibilities by Pat Cadigan
A Murder in Eddsford by SM Stirling
Conspiracies: A Very Condensed 937-Page Novel by Mike Resnick & Eric Flint
The People's Machine by Tobias S. Buckell
Death on the Crosstime Express by Chris Roberson


Dianora said...

I think it is an extremely cool cover. I like it a lot. Although considering Steve Stirling's new hardcover just hit the NYT extended list, I'd probably put his name on the cover. FWIW. ;)

Shara Saunsaucie said...

Cool. The cover looks very comic-bookish. :)

Lou Anders said...

Glad you both like it. The list of names on the cover isn't final and was, I suspect, put together from the pitch for the anthology. I'm sure Steve's name will be on there.

A.R.Yngve said...

Very nice! :)

marco said...

Thanks for the kind comments. We're rejigging to include the names of all contributors.

Oh, and the images are actually just placeholders too, as that esteemed gentleman and scholar Mr Robert Eggleton is supplying some appropriate lithographs.

Marco @ Solaris

Lou Anders said...

Hey Marco:
I didn't know whether Bob's involvement was for public knowledge or not. So now you've announced it, I can tell everyone how thrilled I am that he's involved!

Anonymous said...

Awesome cover! Very Nice! Kudos to you and George.


Elaine said...

Looks good -- I've already added it to my (much too large already) list of books to look for when the time comes.

Lou Anders said...

See, being a short story collection, you can read it in and around other things....