Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Devil's Final Curtain

The aforementioned Pyr year end round-up and contest over on Symphony for a Devil is now over. Both of the winners chose works by Justina Robson as their books of choice. And Yours Truly didn't do too badly in the round-up of vote requests either, though as my anthology contains several Pyr authors within, I had an unfair advantage!

Calico Reaction reports:

"There was a total of 31 entries, which isn't bad at all (but what do I know, it's my first contest!). 16 of those entries were from women, and 15 of those entries were from men. Which I find very cool, even if it bores the rest of you."

Update: Street Teamer an excellent piece of hard science fiction, and making me even more impressed because I absolutely cannot stand hard science fiction."


Shara said...

Thanks so much for helping out with the contest. :) It was fun to do, and I felt bad only being able to choose two!

Lou Anders said...

I think the thanks are all your way!