Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Lou Podcast: An Agony of Pleasure

Rick Kleffel's marvelous podcast, The Agony Column, just uploaded an interview with Yours Truly as their 279th show. "A Conversation with Lou Anders, Editor of Pyr Books" covers such diverse topics of my unorthodox route into publishing, the genius of John Meaney, my old anthology Live Without a Net, the state of short fiction and of SF in general, what Pyr is looking for these days from manuscripts, sneak peaks at various forthcoming works, and the genius (and limits) of William Gibson's intuition. And other things besides.

Incidentally, I was already so addicted to Kleffel's podcast before he had me on. So now I'm like through the roof. I get it from iTunes, but here's the link to the RSS feed.

Update 12/228/07: Rick writes this morning to let me know that he'll be broadcasting an 8 minute segment from our interview on San Francisco's KUSF during Talk of the Bay!


Shadowhelm said...

Great show! Thanks for turning me on to a new podcast.

Lou Anders said...

Rick's podcast is amazing. I really like the depth he gets into with his interview subjects, and you can tell that he really knows the material going in. Also, I like that while he has a focus on SF, he moves beyond it into other genres, nonfiction and the sciences (loved his piece with Tom Brokaw, for example, as well as the Singularity Summit.) Best of all, it's daily!