Monday, January 05, 2009

Here's Where Faith Comes into Play for Me

I can't see it. But they've had impeccable casting sense so far.


Anonymous said...

I too reckon he'll make a great Docgtor: the true horror is the names's they're bandying around for assistant: Lily Allen, FFS?

Lou Anders said...

Not familiar. Saw a bunch of topless photos when I googled. Who is?

Rene said...

I haven't actually seen him act in anything, so I'll reserve judgment until I do. (But coincidentally, Netflix just brought me Ruby in the Smoke, which he's in, along with Billie Piper, so i may have an opinion soon.)

I'll be really sorry to see David Tennant go. But then again, I was very sorry when Eccleston left, and Tennant is fantastic.

Adam Roberts Project said...

Kudos to Ian Mc for his 'evil villain' pronounciation of 'Doctor' at the head of this thread.

Lily Allen, Lou, is a minor pop star, daughter of Keith Allen the actor. She would be a terrible assistant. Terrible.