Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Adam Roberts

Me on Adam Roberts.


Greg said...

Well, you've convinced me, in fact I remember reading about Splinter and thinking; "Wow, I'd like that". It sounds like the rest of his books are just as engaging and interesting. Is his work easily available in America, I think I remember seeing, at least, Gradisil. Thanks for the tip, I do enjoy being just a little ahead of the curve when I can manage it.

Lou Anders said...

Well, we published Gradsil in the US, we being Pyr, and Solaris published Splinter here, and are bringing out a mass-market edition soon too I think. I saw the Gollancz edition of Swiftly stickered and on the shelf at my local B&N. I am, of course, very big on supporting an author in the territory they are trying to publish in, but where there *aren't* US editions for a book and there are no plans for same, I think it's fine to get the UK. I image specialty stores like Borderlands Books in San Francisco may have some of his backlist too.

And we've got sample chapters of Gradisil here. But I'm not pushing just our book. I think Adam really deserves to be read widely in the US, and I'll be happy if I've lead you to any of his works. Thanks!

Greg said...

Hey no worries, I really like Pyr books, the first one I purchased was Moorcock and Constantine's Silverheart in hardcover, the latest was Abercrombie's Before They are Hanged. Any publisher who puts out a new Theodore Judson is all right with me. The blog led me to River Gods which is just, wow.
Back to Roberts, I'll have to do a little hunting then but I'll probably start with Gradisil and Splinter, though On sounds quite interesting. Hopefully I can do my part to get the word out.

Lou Anders said...

Hey, thanks Greg.
I did see On and Salt in stores here some years back, though I think they might be hard to find now. But the payoff in On, the what's going on with the world, is so great, if you do find it you have to come back and tell me. I refuse to spoil it - and don't let anything online spoil it for you either if you can help it. It's amazing.

As to River of Gods, I can't help but point out that we just released Cyberabad Days, which is a collection of seven stories set in that world, with a 31k originally novella that is pretty much another novel in its own right.

JW said...

Lou, this is why I keep coming back. You've got the *good* dope. Not that I'm supposing you're peddling anything illegal or amoral.


Lou Anders said...

Well, not illegal anyway.