Sunday, February 08, 2009

Kay Kenyon Shortlisted for 2009 Reading List Award

The American Library Association has announced their selections for the 2009 Reading List award, and in the Science Fiction category, they chose Hunter's Run by Martin, Dozois, and Abraham. Congratulations, guys! Meanwhile, I'm please to see their four book shortlist includes one of our own. Woot. Kay made the list last year as well.

The Automatic Detective by A. Lee Martinez
City at the End of Time byGreg Bear
Matter byIain M.Banks
A World Too Nearby Kay Kenyon


ces said...


I read & enjoyed both!

Lou Anders said...

Wait till you see the cover of book four!

ces said...


Lou Anders said...

Couple weeks tops. We have to have the next catalog at the printers by March 1. So all covers need to be in, and all layout done, by then. Then I'll debut 'em. Got some fantastic ones coming up.