Thursday, February 04, 2010

The People vs George Lucas

I've just been informed that "after 2 1/2 years of intense production, 63,686 frequent flier miles, 634 hours of footage, 14TB of drive space, 126 interviews, 719 fan submissions, and countless white nights," THE PEOPLE vs. GEORGE LUCAS is complete and will world premiere at the prestigious South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival in Austin, Texas (March 12th to March 21st 2010)!

I was one of the SF&F professionals interviewed at last year's World Science Fiction Convention last year and have been told that I made the final cut. Here is the (quite funny) trailer:


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's great you made the cut. Looks funny. And as long as I pretend the second set of movies never happened, I don't want to punch him.

Lou Anders said...

Me, I stop with Empire. And some of the Clone Wars cartoons.

Mark Chadbourn said...

Empire was my endpoint too.

Opening myself to abuse here, but I always preferred Close Encounters...

Lou Anders said...

I once described Star Wars as two good movies, one okay movie, three horrible movies, 2 god-awful Christmas specials, and one good series of cartoon shorts. Looking at it that way, it's not a very impressive track record.

ces said...

Now I know why I don't go to movies. I didn't find that trailer funny, pathetic, interesting, enticing, or anything. Just blah.

But I do wish people would stop fixating on the Star Wars movies. Lucas has done lots of other movies in his lifetime so far. And defining him, or any artist of any kind, by just one work is just wrong.

Lou Anders said...

Um, he actually hasn't done that many other movies. American Graffiti, THX, and produced the Indian Jones films - not a huge repertoire! And Star Wars was a colossal cultural milestone.

Christian Berntsen said...

Lou, you forgot as a producer/storyman Tucker: The Man and His Dream and Radioland Murders. Really, how could you forget those? Oh, wait, I remember how... I think Lucas should be recast not so much as an inovative filmmaker (meaning director/storyteller), but more along the lines of a technical innovator for SFX, sound, etc. Agreed on Empire being the best place to stop, though I enjoy ROTJ well enough, though don't understand some of my generations absolute love for that one over the others.

Lou Anders said...

I also left off my favorite, Howard the Duck.

But on ROTJ - I was vacationing in London when that came out and insisted we take time out of our trip to see it. Waited in line half a day. Came out very disappointed, even then, at what was a much sillier film than its predecessors.

ces said...

According to IMDB we can add the following to his list of films:
American Graffiti
The Land Before Time
Twice Upon a Time

I mean, how would someone like Martiniere like to be defined for the rest of his life by the first drawing he did when he went to work for the Japanese while he was in animation school?

Any artist should be defined by the sum total of their life's work, not just one drawing or one book of one trilogy or one movie.

Robert H said...

My understanding of the SF cognoscenti consensus is that ESB was actually much better than SW - partly because it was 'darker' lots at stake and 'good guys' didn't triumph. The parts with Yoda in the jungle I remember as being really spooky. Didn't Lucas actually not direct ESB?

ROTJ would have 10x better if not for the damn teddy bears. In the same way Jar Jar Binks should have been excised in the first re-write. By that time I wonder how much toy makers and fast food joints had a hand in forming the characters. Why couldn't Lucas have just blown them off? $$?

Lou Anders said...

The teddy bears were originally to have been Wookies, then the committee decided to make them cute, so Wook-ee became E-Wok.