Friday, July 16, 2010

MASKED is here!

Masked is here!!!

The book is available for order on Amazon, B&N, BooksAMillion, IndieBound, and  (though still listed as a preorder) on Borders. It will be available in ebook edition as well, presumably on its official release date of July 20th. (The Kindle version keeps  unlinking itself from the physical book, but here it is).

io9's Charlie Jane Anders said of Masked, "The good thing about Masked, then, is that Anders gets stories from people who have a lot of experience with superheroes, or who obviously had a superhero story they wanted to write. The contributors include Secret Six writer Gail Simone, Incredible Hulk mastermind Peter David, X-Men: Dark Mirror author Marjorie Liu and comics veterans Bill Willingham and Mike Carey - as well as Paul Cornell, a regular Doctor Who writer and the new writer of Action Comics."


Tom said...

Picked a copy up this afternoon (apparently a few days early). Looking forward to a good read!

Lou Anders said...

Awesome! Can I ask where? I haven't seen it in stores myself yet. Can't wait to.

brad said...

i saw this at Barnes and noble yesterday and it looked awesome! I am going to pick it up this week.

Lou Anders said...

Thanks Brad. I still haven't seen it on the shelf. So eager to.