Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Got Pyr?

“One of the most exciting publishers in the business."
​-Black Gate magazine

"If you haven’t given Pyr releases a look, you really should. Their output…is nothing short of amazing…consistently good."
​-LEC Book Reviews

“One of a very few publishers I know who have no bad books to their name.”

“If every publishing house’s cover art were as consistently attractive as Pyr’s, a lot more people would feel encouraged to read books…”
​-Rob Will Review

“If there’s anything I’ve come to trust in the publishing world, it’s the quality of Pyr’s releases.”
​-A Dribble of Ink

“Pyr…has stood out in science fiction publishing as a publisher with a fantastic list of authors, a standard for great editorial quality, and amazing cover art to back it all up.”
​-SciFi Watch

“[Awarding] Pyr and Lou Anders for rekindling my love of Science Fiction along with some quality Fantasy and continually publishing series over consecutive months which all Fantasy fans adore. Plus they have some of the best covers in this or any genre.”
-Mad Hatter’s Bookshelf and Book Review

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Reid Kemper said...

I prefer the quote from Asimov's Science Fiction on the PYR website: "[Lou Anders] has been opting for trying to maintain a consistently high level of literary quality. What Pyr has begun to publish, and yes, thus far fairly consistently,
is ... science fiction written specifically for experienced and intelligent readers of science fiction."

I haven't read a book from PYR yet, so maybe I should try one of the science fiction novels. The only problem would be deciding which one I should read first.

Lou Anders said...

Hi Reid,
Depends on what kinds of SF you are looking for. If you give me an idea who you do read, I can help triangulate.
Such as:
Peter Hamilton? John Meaney.
John Scalzi? Mike Resnick.
Ken MacLeod? Paul McAuley.
Heinlein? Kristine Kathryn Rusch.
Neal Stephenson? Ian McDonald. Charles Stross? David Louis Edelman.
Not an exact science.No author IS another author. But maybe a jumping in place.