Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Market Insights

I'm guest posting on the Clarion blog today, doing a piece they call "Market Insights," talking about all the things that Pyr isn't. Here's a sample:

"We’re not really a good place for gross-out horror, slipstream, literary fantasy, or those “difficult to categorize” works. 'Not that there’s anything wrong with that,' he says, in his best Seinfeld impression. It’s just not our focus. When we first conceived of Pyr, we debated about whether or not to specialize in a subgenre, create a line look, or adhere to a particular philosophy or theme (in keeping with the parent company’s reputation for rationalist/humanist works). We opted not to do any of these things. Rather, we decided that we’d publish unabashedly genre works—space opera, military SF, time travel novels, epic fantasies, swords & sorcery—works that recognize and honor the tradition of science fiction and fantasy literature, but had an eye on the 21st century. We wanted, though it sounds egotistical to say, works which took the writing to a 'higher level.'"

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