Monday, October 08, 2012

Writing Excuses 7.41: Seven-Point Story Structure

I am feeling special this morning. After all, how many people get an episode of Writing Excuses just for their benefit. This morning's podcast, "Writing Excuses 7.41: Seven-Point Story Structure," is "on behalf of Lou Anders."

You may recall that I was on the podcast back in episode 6:18, talking about applying the "Hollywood Formula" to novel plotting. Writing Excuses Dan Wells (he of PartialsandI Am Not A Serial Killer)has his own screenplay-derived system called "Seven-Point Story Structure."

I know my Hollywood Formula and Dan's Seven-Point system are two approaches to the same result, but I have been studying Dan's and trying to reconcile them without success. Or rather, I understand the 7-Point system but don't seem to be able to apply it in practice the way that I can my own system.

So on today's Writing Excuses, Dan helpfully explains the Seven-Point system again, then Dan, Howard Tayler, Brandon Sanderson, and Mary Robinette Kowal very helpfully construct a plot using this system.

Thanks to the whole Writing Excuses crew. I know it isn't really all for my benefit, but it's still nice to start off the week with this pleasant surprise. Howard also makes a passable Lou stand-in.

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