Saturday, January 10, 2015

Creatures, Quests, and Secret Worlds Sale

Powell's Books is having a "Creatures, Quests, and Secret Worlds Sale." 20 fantasy books for young readers, including my own Frostborn, are 30% off for a limited time. I love their promo for their promo! They write:
Follow the spotted unicorn deep into the heart of the woods, past the Forbidden River teeming with man-eating sturgeon, beyond the willow grove where the fairies mock the elves, around the giant tortoises munching on snakeroot and ragwort, over the sleeping dragon blocking Hermit's Pass, and there, in the clearing, lies the treasure you've been seeking: 20 shiny-new fantasy books for imaginative young readers, all 30% off for a limited time. The bounty is yours for the taking, but you better act fast.
With that copy, how can you not?

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