Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Frostborn: An Excellent Edition to the Genre

Another great review for Frostborn.This one appears at Books, Crafts and Beats, which is, I believe, the blog of a librarian in the Denver, Colorado area. I'm very happy with the opening line of the review:
"Masters of the fantasy genre like Tolkien and George RR Martin have set the bar very high for this genre but Lou Anders' book, the first in a proposed series, is an excellent addition to the genre."
And their closing paragraph:
"This story is one of those rare books that will appeal to both girls and boys. The themes explored: wanting to fit in with one's peers, dual heritage, wanting to chart one's own course different from your parents are universal. Although we learn little about Karn's four sisters and his mother except in one small mention, Thianna for her part has an important female mentor who teaches her important skills. I highly recommend this book for grades 4-7."

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