Thursday, February 18, 2016

Reflections from the Road: Mountain Brook Junior High

Last week, I visited Mountain Brook Junior High School, where I taught my ScripTips writing workshop to around 24 students from their writing club. This is a presentation where I use examples from contemporary films to teach plotting and outlining. It went over very well, though it is sad to me that the Matrix is now a classic film and not something junior high students know!

Today, I returned to Mountain Brook Junior High to give a Thrones & Bones presentation to about 60 students drawn from the writing club, the book club, the drama club, the art club, and the graphic novel club.

There were maybe 10-15 students from last week coming back and the rest new, but all with an interest in various things creative.

Both visits were a blast! This was largely due to very smart students who asked very good questions and made very clever observation. I was really impressed with all of them and had a great time interacting. And I'm sure I've met the next generation of writers.

And we sold out of Frostborn and Nightborn! So I'll be making a return visit in the next week or so to sign books for students who wanted books but couldn't get them. Thanks to Little Professor for facilitating book sales and to Librarian Susan Zana for hosting!


Unknown said...

Mr. Anders,

Thank you for visiting our school. I spoke with several students after the creative writing workshop, all of which said they loved it! Thank you for taking the time to share your story, teach a great class, and inspire our students.


Andrew Cotten

Lou Anders said...

Thank you, Mr. Cotten. I was very impressed with the questions the students asked and their answers to my questions. They struck me as very bright kids and I expect a few of them to emerge as the next generation of authors!