Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Thurber House: Day Two

Today was day two as Children's Writer-in-Residence at Thurber House!

After working this morning, we set out again for the Homeless Families Foundation's Dowd Education Center, where I met with the same group of kids from the day before. This time, I lead them through a series of exercises utilizing what I'd taught them on Monday. The kids were great--some really bright, imaginative answers--and I was delighted that several students had considerably fleshed out plots by the end of the hour. This stuff took me decades to learn and they've absorbed it in days. No doubt I've created my future competition this week, and proud of it!

Returning to Thurber House, I tested out a new portable blender and made my usual lunch of yogurt and fruit protein shakes. New blender doesn't do frozen fruit well, so I ate that with a spoon but the rest was great. Then I walked 36 minutes to The Book Loft of German Village, which boasts 32 rooms of books. I was understandably lost inside for a bit, then I hoofed it back in time to get ready for the evenings reception (ahem, in my honor, ahem), the highlight of which was a performance by the Thurber Chamber Theater who did dramatic readings of short fiction by James Thurber. And there were cookies!

Afterward, Meg Brown, Director of Children's Education, gave me a tour of Columbus.

And now I'm back, feeling like I need to eat something vegetable, and settling in to do some work before a very busy day tomorrow.

Having a great, productive time immersed in my world, but here is list of...

Things I Miss Most About Home:

1) My wife and kids
2) My Japanese Toto toilet
3) My coffee machine
4) My Xbox One
5) Big Spoon Creamery

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