Tuesday, July 15, 2008

MultiReal: An Enthralling, Superlative Science Fiction Novel?

"Yes," says SFFWorld's Rob H. Bedford, answering the question of this header. "David Louis Edelman]’s continued to weave an intricate future history that parallels our own in many ways."

He's talking about MultiRealof course, a book, "on the par with the previous volume for Edelman’s ability to change the game a bit and still maintain what made Infoquake such a great novel, his growth as a writer is most evident in the characters themselves. If anything, MultiReal may be a bolder novel because of the risk Edelman took in character focus and perhaps more audacious in laying out the implications of the technology. MultiReal is also not a ‘treading water middle book’ of a trilogy...it really drives home much of what Edelman was setting up in the first volume and leaves the reader eager for the next volume. David Louis Edelman has crafted another winner with MultiReal ...I for one can’t wait to see where Edelman takes the conclusion of this [thus far] spectacular trilogy."

You know what Rob? Me too!

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