Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stalking the Wild Resnick

Robert of Fantasy Book Critic reviews Mike Resnick's Stalking the Vampire,and to do so, he does more than due diligence and goes back and reads Stalking the Unicornas well. The result? While he clearly enjoys both, he seems to prefer the original, just because it is the original. I get this, as, in much the same way, I suppose I have to say that Perdido Street Station has to be my favorite China MiƩville for inventing Bas Lag to begin with, even though I think that Iron Council is the superior book.

So, while Robert says that, "Stalking the Vampire cleverly and humorously mixes together elements of a hard-boiled detective mystery with contemporary fantasy, campy satire, and dialogue-driven irony. For fans of Simon R. Green’s Nightside series, Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files and Mike Resnick :)" (and who can argue with that?), he does admit that, "Out of all of the John Justin Mallory stories that I’ve had a chance to read...Stalking the Unicorn is easily my favorite. It’s also, in my opinion, the best of the John Justin Mallory stories... Even so, Stalking the Vampire is still a hell of a lot better than most of the stuff that’s passing for urban fantasy these days, and if I had to choose between the two, nine times out of ten, I’m sticking with Mallory. So here’s hoping that Mike Resnick has many more John Justin Mallory stories to tell…"

Don't worry, Robert. He does.

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