Monday, July 14, 2008

Stroll With the Stars

Stu Segal is organizing "Stroll With the Stars" at this years WorldCon, and has roped me in. As he explains:

This was the idea of a number of the participants who were looking for a way to go to the Con, do all the stuff we normally do, but also get out in the fresh air for a healthy stroll and some good conversation. (And let me stress, we mean "stroll" - def: a leisurely walk. This will not be a heart-pounding aerobic activity, it will be a stroll).

Some of the most interesting Authors, Artists and Editors have agreed to lead the Strolls, and will be strolling along at the right pace to have a good conversation.

We are going to meet each morning (Thurs-Sunday) at the Big Blue Bear in front of the Colorado Convention Center at 9AM. We'll stroll for a mile, and even going at a leisurely pace this will get us back to the CCC before 10AM, which is when the regular programming begins. (You don't need to "sign up", just show up).

The roster of Artists, Authors and Editors is:

Thursday 9AM
Ellen Datlow
Scott Edelman
Stephen H. Segal
Frank Wu

Friday 9AM
Lou Anders
Paul Cornell
John Picacio
Stephen H. Segal

Saturday 9AM
Gay Haldeman
Joe Haldeman
Jay Lake
Lawrence M. Schoen
Frank Wu

Sunday 9AM
David Brin
Mary Robinette Kowal
Stephen H. Segal


Lawrence M. Schoen said...

Lou, Friday is just your practice walk. You need to come along again on Saturday. I promise to teach you some Klingon (tlhIngan Hol) that you can use in your editorial notes at Pyr!

Lou Anders said...

teskas tal'tai-kleon