Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Conventions: Where I'll Be in the Spring/Fall

I'll be holed up here for most of the spring, but starting late summer, my convention attendance is really going to ramp up. Here's what's scheduled so far:

Anticipation / 67th World Science Fiction Convention
August 6th - 10th
Montréal, Quebec

Sept 4th - 7th
Atlanta, Georgia

Con*Stellation XXVIII
September 18th - 20th
Huntsville, Alabama

Appearing in my capacity as art director, I'll be speaking and doing portfolio reviews at:
IlluXCon 2009
Nov 12th - 15th
Altoona, Pennsylvania

And I'm really pleased to be Editor Guest of Honor at:
OryCon 31
Nov 27th-29th
Portland, Oregon

Sadly, I won't be at WFC this year - just too much travel in November to squeeze it in, and, frankly, I'm tired of missing Halloween.


Venusian said...

As wonderful as the WFC was this year ( in my home town ) I missed doing halloween with my daughter and the party we had planned on doing. This year we'll do it, and I will be dressed as "jeffey the manimall" ( product of the moreau institute for better living through vivisection)

Lou Anders said...

Awesome. And yeah, I can't be gone Halloween and Turkey Day both!