Monday, June 15, 2009

We Has Pyr Kindle

That's right. After what for me has been an interminably long period of "hurry up and wait," I woke up this morning to discover that our very first Pyr Kindle books have miraculously appeared. Five titles are available for download in the Kindle store. Oddly, it contains a second book in a series and a third book in a series, but I think these are just the first few to appear. There are a lot more coming in back of this, and the conversion process is on Amazon's end, so I expect we'll see more pop up in the near future as they get to them (and I'll report here as I see them.) And of course I'm happy to see that Fast Forward 1 is in this initial list of offerings.

The books:

Silver Screen

Starship: Pirate

Going Under (Quantum Gravity, Book 3)

Infoquake (Volume I of the Jump 225 trilogy)

Fast Forward 1: Future Fiction from the Cutting Edge


Anonymous said...

Why is the Kindle version of Infoquake priced higher than the paperback version? Why should anyone buy the Kindle version???

Lou Anders said...

The Kindle books are all priced lower than *our* trade paperback version. There is a MMPB that was licensed to and published through Solaris, and yes, it is cheaper than the Kindle version. Also, Solaris is currently being offered for sale by its parent company, meaning that the mmpb version could soon go out of print.