Monday, February 12, 2007

Battlestar Galactica: Episode 14 "The Woman King"

Only this. That that was the absolutely worst episode they've ever done, and it was positively painful to get through. And a completely peripheral, wheel-spinning one too. My wife and I simultaneously expressed the thought afterwards that if Dualla had actually died, at least something that mattered would have occurred in that wasted hour of our lives.


Anthony Hildebrand said...

I agree, it was either the worst or second-worst, and that's a hard admission to make for the Battlestar zealot that I am.

The story itself was average, the setup a bit contrived, and an episode that loses its meaning as a potential Sagittaron story arc was abandoned in retrospect. Hearkening back to your one complaint with the show, I suppose that is the disadvantage of a series that improvises as much as it plans.

To seek silver lining, I was genuinely scared for a moment for D's life (I appreciate a show that can make me believe that main characters can die), and I did appreciate a Helo-characterization show (characterization being one thing BSG does better than almost anyone).

P.S. Have you checked your XML feed yet? Still a no-go on the LJ side of things.

Lou Anders said...

hey Anthony -
I think my biggest complaint was that this was just a "stalling for time" episode, and - interestingly - I don't think you can do this any more. The bar's been raised too high. Too much good tv relys on complex narrative and these throw-away one-shot episodes are so glaringly obvious as "non-relevant" to why we watch. I find it very telling that it jars me now in a way it never would have a few years ago. It still sucked on its own merits though.

Re: XML feeds - no, crazy busy here. Need to.

Paul Wargelin said...

This episode really brought the momentum of the season to a grinding halt (The Eye of Jupiter, Baltar's forthcoming trial) and is indeed a "stalling for time" episode as Lou points out.

Anthony, I agree with you that it was a good Helo-centric episode in terms of characterization. But the story itself was pretty predictable--especially with the casting of Bruce Davison as Dr. Robert. Between his roles as Senator Kelly in the X-Men films and the unbalanced doctor in Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital (which I gave up on after three episodes), this typecasting pretty much indicated he was going to be guilty. It would have been a real surprise has he not been guilty.

And the way Adama brushed off Helo's concerns about the refugees proves Lou's assessment about Adama's ethics--changing at the whim of the story's necessity.

I've been watching Babylon 5 on DVD and recently saw the "Believers" episode where Dr. Franklin operated on a young boy against the wishes of the boy's parents, because their religion forbids such medical procedures. Although Sunday's BG episode became more about religious prejudice than medicine vs. faith issues, the B5 episode offers a more thought-provoking impact.

Lou Anders said...

Hi Paul,
Thank you for bringing up Adama - I didn't mention, but that scene REALLY struck me as inconsistent. And yes, "Believers" was a good episode of B5, now that you mention it!

You know, with the tight-tight scripting of last night's HEROES, that show really is pulling ahead in the Lou ranking.

paul wargelin said...

Hi Lou,

Definitely agree with you on Heroes. The character and story arcs are consistent, and the structure of the series (like B5) is very well thought-out. It's my favorite show of the current season. :-)

Lou Anders said...

Yeah, I'm really amazed by how tightly plotted the whole thing is. It's making it not only my fav show of the season, but one of my fav shows ever.

Stephenson said...

I erased it from my Tivo before watching. Thanks for saving me an hour of life.

Lou Anders said...

I haven't seen last Sunday's episode yet - but my wife has and she says it's more of the same. And next week's looks to be yet another distraction from the plot.

Anonymous said...

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