Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Meet Barry Baldwin: Man of Mystery

Meet Barry Baldwin. I've been meaning to blog Barry for a while now (and for "a while" read "since about last October"). Barry is Professor Emeritus of Classics at the University of Calgary, an author of 12 books and some 600 articles in the area of Greek, Roman, Byzantine, 18th-Century, and Albania history, and lastly and most recently - and here editors of short fiction take note - the author of a slew of mystery tales that are both charming and charmingly perverse. Barry's been a finalist in both the Crime Writers of Canada Arthur Ellis Awards (1999) and Bouchercon Anthony Awards (2000), and he's contributed to both Alfred Hitchcock's and Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, as well as to Chris Roberson's retro-pulp anthology, Adventure, Vol. 1.

A few years ago, when circumstances allowed me to publish mysteries and thrillers, it was my great pleasure to publish a short story of Barry's called "VE Knights," but since then he's been scribbling with a vengeance (as indeed he was before then too), and a great many of his works are available online. Here's "The Last Act" from Hardluck Stories, "The Best-Laid Plans" and "Boys and Girls Come Out to Play" on Sliptongue, "Telling Them Apart" on Shattercolors, "Double Top" on Mouth Full of Bullets, and "Party Poopers" on Flash Fantastic. I aggregate them here as much for your reading pleasure as because they should be aggregated somewhere so more people can discover his work. Barry - if ever anyone needed a website! The rest of you, happy reading.

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