Sunday, February 04, 2007

Boskone 44

This month, February 16-18, I'll be attending Boskone. This is my ver first time going to this convention, and I am very much looking forward to it. My schedule for the con:

Fri 7:00pm
To Boldly Go: Ethical Issues in Star Trek through the Years
Lou Anders
David Gerrold
(M) Suford Lewis
Susan Shwartz

Sat 10:00am

Lou Anders
Beth Bernobich
S. C. Butler

Sat 12:00 noon
How to Make This Made-up Stuff Believable: The Plausible vs. the Possible

Do SF/F/H readers cut you more slack than mainstream audiences? What kind of coincidences will we swallow? How rigorously must you be true to observed and remembered experience? Are small cues more convincing than elaborate explanations? What writers fool us most successfully, and how?

(M) Lou Anders
Alexander Jablokow
Karl Schroeder
Wen Spencer

Sat 3:00pm
The Literary Tradition: How SF Fits (and Doesn't Fit) with American and European Literature
How does science fiction fit into the rich literary tradition of Western literature? What are the key influences? We can look at works by writers including Lucian, the Beowulf poet, Shakespeare, Swift, Rabelais, Poe, Twain, Melville, James, Kafka, Orwell, Updike, and Vonnegut and see connections. But where are we alike, and where are we different?

Lou Anders
(M) F. Brett Cox
David G. Hartwell
Michael Swanwick

Sat 5:00pm
Publishing: Myths vs. Reality

Lou Anders
Ellen Asher
Teresa Nielsen Hayden
(M) Eleanor Wood

Sun 11:00am
Does Oil Have a Future? The trend toward digital art.
Talking about the movement away from painting with brushes to digital for SF art. Why do they do it (economic, artistic) and is this a trend that will only end when al professional illustration is digital?

(M) Lou Anders
Brian Dow
Bob Eggleton
Gary A. Lippincott

Sun 12:00 noon

Lou Anders
Robert I. Katz
Paul Levinson

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