Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bright of the Sky: Breakdown

I've just completed a hell of a long post on how we put together the cover for Kay Kenyon's upcoming Bright of the Sky over on the Pyr blog. Starting from the selection of illustrator Stephan Martineire, going through the design of the front cover for our catalog, all the way to the final jacket as just finished yesterday (and pictured here). This took some doing, so please go check it out.


Anthony Hildebrand said...

Yea Martiniere!

P.S. While your LJ syndication is once again working, your site itself is only displaying your most recent post on my computer.

Anthony Hildebrand said...

...and it works now. Hopefully, that's that.

Lou Anders said...

I never touched the LJ Feed, but I suspect all of this are issues with Blogger. They've had several wonky days since Google bought them out.

A.R.Yngve said...

I like especially how the image's foreground shadow "merges" with the cover's black, and how the shaded layering of the background creates a 3-D effect.

(Proof that covers don't always need garish colors.)