Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bradbury, The New York Times, & Me

I'm quoted in The New York Times today, in an article by David Shaftel on Ray Bradbury called “Vintage Bradbury, Packaged Anew.” I'm also glad to see this quote from Bradbury himself on the importance of science fiction to science. “The arts and sciences are connected. Scientists have to have a metaphor. All scientists start with imagination.” Very good piece all round.


paul wargelin said...

Hey Lou,

Great article. My own Ray Bradbury moment occured back in 1998, when I attended Dragon*Con, where my first published short story debuted in a magazine launched at the con (the magazine folded one issue later...)

Anyway, I had my copy of Zen in the Art of Writing for Mr. Bradbury to sign. When I told him how helpful his book was to me, he took a moment to ask me about my writing--with dozens if not hundreds of waiting fans in line behind me. And when I told him about my story debuting at the con, he congratulated me, and asked my age. He smiled at my response, shook my hand and said he was my granddad--a moment I will never forget. :-)

Lou Anders said...

That is a great moment - and what a granddad to have. My Bradbury moment was less inspiring. I saw him at ComicCon and tried to introduce myself, but he couldn't hear me over the roar of 120,000 people, so I gave up and just smiled and shook his hand.