Saturday, August 25, 2007

Things Everyone Should Know

Ian McDonald's Hugo and Clarke nominated River of Gods is now out in trade paperback. It'll be in stores in early September, and is already listed as in stock at

John Picacio makes his first podcast appearance here, interviewed by Chris Merle at Conestoga 11, where he was Artist Guest of Honor. It's a solid, detailed 38 minute interview, and well worth checking out.

Cheryl Morgan and Kevin Standlee have launched Science Fiction Awards Watch, and I'm flabbergasted at how fast this website has become indispensable to me. I had it open in a browser the whole time I was writing all the individual story introductions for Sideways in Crime this week. I'm going to use this site a LOT.

Joe Abercrombie's extraordinary fantasy debut The Blade Itself is also out. I just got my copies day before yesterday. Like River of Gods, its also on Amazon already. I also noticed that Blood, Blade & Thruster magazine posted this tremendous review. They introduce The Blade Itself in this manner: "Desperately in need of some genre fiction with character driven plot, plenty of violence, and strong anti-hero protagonists, but tired of waiting for George R. R. Martin to finish his epic Game of Thrones series?"

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